Semi-Automatic Post Processing Software


I have developed new software that I recommend using in place of CHOP-fMRU for MRU and MAG3 analysis.  Learn more about it at or contact me for details!

MR urography (MRU) is an imaging modality of the urinary tract in children, providing one-stop comprehensive morphological and functional information, without the utilization of ionizing radiation. The functional analysis of the MRU scan still requires external post-processing using relatively complex software.

The CHOP-fMRU application (which stands for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia functional Magnetic Resonance Urography) allows for comprehensive automated functional analysis of MRU data and is very user-friendly, fast, and easily operated by the average radiologist or MR  technologist.

Khrichenko, D., & Darge, K. (2010). Functional analysis in MR urography—made simple. Pediatric radiology, 40(2), 182-199.

CHOP-fMRU Features


Semi-Automatic Segmentation

Create semi-automatic 3D segmentation of aorta, parenchyma and collecting system. Built in support for unilateral and bilateral duplication.


Functional Curves

Automatically generated graphs including enhancement curves, excretion curves, patlak plots, and various histograms.


MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)

Generate a variety of maximum intensity projections (MIPs) with a single click. Allows for visualization of entire renal system in one image, detection of crossing vessel, and visualization of calyceal transit time (CTT) and renal transit time (RTT).


Patlak Maps

View a color map of the patlak parameter to get a visual representation of GFR (glomerular filtration rate) with a single click.  Blood volume and multi-compartment maps are also available.


Tabulated Results

Up to 11 parameters are calculated for each kidney and presented in tabular form.  These include transit times, and volumetric and patlak differential renal function values.

Man Hands On Keyboard

Key Non-clinical Features

Easy save / restore / share: Save and restore your work with a single click. Share analysis with colleagues who are also using CHOP-fMRU.  Optimized Workflow designed with years of experience in medical imaging to be a one-stop-shop post processing software for fMRU.




Benjamin Taragin, MD

Director of Pediatric Radiology

Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, New York, NY, USA

“The CHOP MRU program is a true gift to the Pediatric Radiology community. Additionally, Drs. Khrichenko & Darge are very generous with their professional support. I encourage people who are interested in functional MRU to be in contact with them.”


Dmitry Khrichenko

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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Click on the link below to download the program.  Unzip the file and run CHOP-fMRU.exe to start the application.  The launcher that comes up has various other resources such as an instructions manual and an example case.

**NOTE** I have replaced CHOP-fMRU with my newer software pMRI (  I have not worked with or supported CHOP-fMRU for several years, but if you still wish to download it (Windows or MAC), please contact me and I will send you a link.